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Saturday, June 23rd 2007, 1:10am

REAL Souvenir Shelf and Wedding Globe Souvenir SEASONS

REAL Souvenir Shelf SEASONS and CELEB
by Carrigon

I've designed this shelf so that sims can pick up and put down objects on it, provided the object has the code for picking up and putting down on a flat surface. I've designed it to work with my Souvenirs. If you place one or more shelves across a wall and put a souvenir on it, choose Reminisce, the sim will walk over to it, pick up the souvenir, have the memory, and put it back down on the shelf.

This was a goal of mine for a very, very long time. I've wanted to make our sim world have more interactive objects, but in a more realistic way. Walking over to, picking up an object, and having a memory of it is more realistic.

Each shelf only has one slot, but you can put several across a wall and put a souvenir on each one.

Please do NOT clone this shelf without my permission. If you do, you could destroy the slots or routing and you won't get the effect you were hoping for. There is a special technique for making this kind of shelf.

You can put other objects on this shelf, but if they don't have the pick up and put down code, your sim will only be able to view them.

Installation: Place package in downloads. Find in Surfaces/all. Simply buy a shelf or more, put them on a wall, and put your objects on them.

Recolor/Redistribution Policy: No hacking, No re-hacking, No copying, No cloning, No recolors, No redistributing without my permission. I worked very hard on this. Please respect my policy.

Small Wedding Globe Souvenir with Reminisce Option SEASONS and CELEB
by Carrigon

Remember the old TS1 Vacation option of picking up a souvenir and having and sharing a memory about it? It took me three days to write this code, but I've finally done it. Sims can now pick up a sculpture and have a memory of it. Memory is only visual, none will appear in inventory. If you have another sim click "join" on the sim who is holding the object, they will share the memory. The sim will put the object down when finished. Sims will look to put this on a table or other flat surface first. If you move the object out of the room, they will walk with it and put it away on a flat surface if they can find one, just click Reminisce again. It's very similar to the TS1 Vacation code.

How to use: Buy a sculpture in decorative/all for about five simoleons. Place it in the room and have a sim click Reminisce. If you want another sim to join in, wait till the first sim is holding the object, then the join option will appear on that sim. Have the second sim click join.

Gives a small motive boost to all sims in the room every so often.

Sims also have the option of just viewing this object. When they do that, they will not pick it up.

Child sims can use this, too! You can have a child sim reminisce, and they will pick up the object. Other sims can join them as well.

Sims can also steal this object for fun. I've lowered the autonomy on the steal code, they won't look to do it that much unless their fun is kind of low. If it gets annoying enough, I can always turn the autonomy off on that. When a sim steals, the object will appear in their inventory. So, if the object disappears from your house, check other sim's inventory for it.

Known Issue: When you have a sim join in, you will get another dialogue popup with the same message as the first one.

Notes: Small adjustment to the code so that the dialogue will popup much sooner.

Installation: Place package in downloads.

Recolor/Redistribution Policy: It took me THREE DAYS to write this code. No hacking, No re-hacking, No copying, No cloning, No recolors, No redistributing without my permission. I worked very hard on this. Please respect my policy.

My other souvenirs can be found here in this forum.
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