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Saturday, June 23rd 2007, 1:45am

Custom Adult Dog Collar (PETS or PETS and Higher)

Custom Adult Dog Collar (PETS or PETS and Higher)
by Carrigon
Credit to Winter for originally giving me the collar mesh.

As far as I know, this is the TS2 Community's first working Custom Pet Collar. Before you all get too excited, the game will not treat this as a real collar if your pet gets lost. Therefore, I've designed it as a cover for your current collar. It will pretty much cover most all of it depending on the dog. And, this collar will only look right on a similar dog to mine because every dog has a different mesh. You can try it on different adult dogs, see what looks okay. That's the problem with making these, they need to be tailored to each individual dog. This collar was designed to fit an adult dog like the ones in my pictures. If you have a smaller dog, it's probably not going to look right.

I've also designed this so that you can click the spider on the collar to remove the collar anytime you like. The collar can also be removed using the collar box.

I haven't done any others yet because of the individual tailoring involved. I might do a few more, maybe do one for cats. There is alot I could do with this, I'm just not sure yet if I will.

Installation: Place packages in downloads, both are needed for this to work. Buy the collar box in hobbies/all. You must be in control of your pet to put the collar on! Use the game's pet cheats to control your pet and cancel pet actions if need be. Have your pet click on the collar box. I recommend putting the box on the ground and leaving some room around it for the dog to get to it. The dog will walk over to it and the collar will be put on the dog. It doesn't matter if you have a real collar on the dog or not. If you have one on, it will mostly cover it. That's it. If you want to remove the collar, you must be in control of your dog. Click the spider on the collar or use the collar box to remove it.

Recolors can't be made in the traditional way, a whole new collar would have to be made.

NOTES: Technically, the reason the game won't recognize these as real collars is because the coding for that is done in the Lua Scripts, not in regular BHAV's. I couldn't write a code to do what I needed, so I had to make this to cover a current collar. That way you won't have to worry about your pet running away. Recolors can't be done due to the nature of the file. You can probably recolor the spider and use the design mode tool to change spider colors, but the rest of the mesh is not clickable. I think I made this just to prove I could. All manner of custom pet jewelry can be made in a similar way, but the main problem is, each piece needs to be tailored to your individual pet. And that's why I don't know how much more of these I'll make. Alot can be done with this, there could be pet bracelets, pet earrings, even a tail ring. There could be pet hats or pet sweaters. But it's very time consuming to tailor to each pet and not very practical to do so. Everyone makes pets with different shaped ears, different tails and so on. I'm not taking any requests to make these, but I might do more.

The collar box has my souvenir codes in it. Regular sims can pick the box up, have a little memory of it and put it on a flat surface or shelf. They can also steal the box, or if you have Seasons, they can give it as a gift.

These are my handwritten codes. Do NOT clone my files or take my codes. You will risk losing me from this community entirely.

Recolor/Redistribution Policy: No hacking, No re-hacking, No cloning, No recolors, No redistributing without my permission. No paysite or part paysite inquiries! These are my handwritten codes, no code stealing! Do NOT take any part of my files and use them for any purpose without my permission.
Carrigon has attached the following images:
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  • Carrigon_CustomCollar2.JPG
  • Carrigon_CustomCollar3.JPG
  • Carrigon_CustomCollar4.JPG
  • Carrigon_CustomCollar5.JPG
Carrigon has attached the following file:
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